Helping Marylanders Secure Their Future

The Offices of Anderson Reinhart Law, LLC at 92 Franklin Street in the heart of Historic Annapolis.

If we could only know what tomorrow will bring, life would be so simple. For better or worse -- we can't. The future depends not only on what we control today, but on what happens when we step out of our homes, what happens in our state's and nation's capitals, and what happens across the world. You may not be able to control everything, but you can plan thoughtfully for tomorrow and soften the blow of the unexpected.

The attorneys of Anderson Reinhart Law, LLC, provide legal counsel and representation to clients in matters of real property, trusts, wills, estates, business, and other areas. Building on a foundation of 80 years of service to the State of Maryland and, in particular, Anne Arundel County, Anderson Reinhart Law focuses on achieving the most effective, personal outcome for each client through careful and comprehensive planning and skilled negotiation. Our goal is to help you meet your goals by understanding you, educating you, and developing a long term relationship to help you feel secure in your future.